Koji-Miso-Amazake Zoom Workshop

Koji-Miso-Amazake Zoom Workshop

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Advanced Fermentation: Koji-Miso-Amazake

Note: This workshop is best suited to those that already have some experience making fermented foods, or ambitious newbies. 


Saturday May 15th 14:00-15:45 IST

  Price includes: 

  • Light rice koji spores and postage (enough to inoculate 5kg uncooked rice)
  • A detailed pdf outlining the process and recipes covered in the workshop

What you’ll learn:

  • How to build a Koji incubator 
  • How to make Koji safely 
  • How to make miso
  • How to make Amazake 
  • Some of the science and history of Koji 

All workshop sales are final, we don’t offer refunds or rescheduling. 

Note: If you are booking from outside Ireland & UK please allow 4 weeks for shipping