Miso Workshop at Blas Cafe in The Chocolate Factory

Miso Workshop at Blas Cafe in The Chocolate Factory

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2 hour in-person workshop 11-1 at Blas Cafe in The Chocolate Factory, Dublin 1

I’m so excited to be collaborating with the wonderfully talented and wildly entertaining Robin Sherriff of Koji Kitchen in this 2 hour workshop. Robin is the founder of Koji Kitchen, the UK based artisanal koji and miso company. He is an absolute fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things koji, and he brings unrivaled enthusiasm for his craft.

We’ll all be making miso and diving deep into the enzymatic magic koji brings to a variety of food stuff. We’ll also indulge in all kinds of homemade fermented foods and beverages. Come for the info, stay for the grub!

€65.00 Price includes:

  • Tea, coffee, and and and wild array of various products of fermentation.
  • A variety of samples of miso, miso ferments and koji based ferments
  • A detailed information packet outlining the the methods and recipes used in the workshop 
  • 1L jar of your very own homemade miso

What you’ll learn:

  • How koji is made 
  • The role of koji as an enzymatic transformer in a variety of ferments
  • How to make miso safely at home
  • Some of the science and history associated with miso and koji


All workshop sales are final, we don’t offer refunds or rescheduling.